The Theory Of Backwards Causation Essay

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The theory of backwards causation, or retro-causation, has been given much attention in the past twenty years. It has made waves in metaphysics, quantum physics, and even religion. In the case of religion, it pulls into question God’s divine foreknowledge, in other words omniscience. This is an attempt to reconcile the foreknowledge of God with the possibility of backwards causation. Thus if is it impossible to do so then the options present themselves as: God has no divine foreknowledge, backwards causation is impossible, or both are false. Since the last option may have to deal with other factors, we will not consider the possibility of both God’s divine foreknowledge and backwards causation being false. If both are false through any factor other than the other option then we will not consider that for this paper. The theory of backwards causation will be delved into within its aspect in regards to time travel, Quantum Entanglement, metaphysics, paradoxes, and its relationship to God. The importance of each is vast in its own regards, that is why we must consider all aspects when dealing with its relationship to God. That meaning if backwards causation can’t hold up in other categories, then its importance to the relationship will be weakened. If, however, it passes through all the tests with flying colors, then it will make a much stronger case in the relationship to God.

Retro-causation, or backwards causation, is a complex event in which one event…

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