The Theories Of Why People Sleep Essay

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Many people wonder how much sleep they need. According to experts with the National Sleep Foundation, “Children aged six to nine need nine to 11 hours a night,... Teenagers need eight to 10 hours..., Adults aged 18 to 64 need to sleep for seven to nine hours a night,...[and] people over the age of 65, [need] seven and eight hours” (Dillner). People often think that they are okay to sleep too long or not long enough, but studies are finding that such sleep habits can have serious effects on their health and well being. Scientists and researchers have been busy studying why people sleep, as well as the effects of too much sleep and not enough sleep.

Scientists have developed several theories of why people sleep. One theory is the restorative theory, which suggests people sleep because they need long periods of sleep so that their bodies have a chance to grow muscle, produce hormones, repair tissue, restore, and rejuvenate. This theory helps explain why children, who are growing and learning at a rapid pace, need more sleep than adults and teenagers (Healthy Sleep; National Sleep Foundation). Another theory is the energy conservation theory. This theory suggests that people sleep in order to save energy, which applies most in situations where food is scarce and people need to be able to survive on a limited energy intake. Scientists also theorize that sleep is important for brain and cognitive function. One example is being studied is the effect of adenosine buildup. When…

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