Extreme Fatigue Causes

Causes of Extreme Fatigue Fatigue is a disease sign that manifest and causes dizziness or headache. It is different from sign such as rush that a doctor is directly able to detect without examining a patient. Extreme fatigue is a persistent lack of motivation and energy that continues despite adequate sleep and rest. It is not a disease but illness symptoms that manifest itself in psychological and physical condition or both. Extreme fatigue and drowsiness (need to sleep) are different, though both are able to affect an individual at the same time.
Types of Fatigue
Fatigue has different possible causes with non-specific symptoms. Individuals suffering from fatigue are known to experience three primary complaints that vary among
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Diagnostic tests- This kind of test depends with what the doctor suspects as a cause. It includes blood test, imaging scans-rays and urine tests. A doctor can rule out physical causes like hormonal problems, infections, liver problems anemia, kidney problems and sleeping disorder (and order sleep study) to arrive at the right conclusion. Most conditions and illness diagnosed like diabetes are treatable to control extreme fatigue problem. Studies shows that 50 % of patient that are affected by extreme fatigue for a period of 12 months, are able to show the causal conditions of the fatigue.
2.Current illness and medical history-Healthcare practioner is able to check the current medication and the existing Illness of a patient, together with recent occurrences that is known to cause fatigue like bereavement, surgery and giving birth.
3. Fatique quality evaluation-The doctor is likely to arrive at an accurate diagnosis by identifying patient’s fatigue pattern like, does taking a nap reduces fatigue; or symptoms worsen gradually during the day, and what time of the day do symptoms do better/worse.
4. Physical examination- observation of physical signs of extreme
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Sleep problems- Sleeping problem like sleep apnea, insomnia, reflux esophagitis and change in work shifts is known for causes of stress and tiredness. Sleep apnea results to improper sleep by constricting wind pipe, thus causes a person to experiences snoring and lack of proper breath.
The result is oxygen reduction in the body which brings forth numerous complications. Incomplete sleep causes breathing difficulty which results to fatigue. This problem is also able to results from pregnancy, restless leg syndrome, medications and anxiety.
2. Unhealthy lifestyle-This is among the key contributors to extreme fatigue. People don’t have enough time to exercise and sleep properly due to busy and fast moving lives. The body also suffers as a result of vitamins and nutrients deficiency, which comes by not following healthy diet. Caffeinated drinks and fast food causes body harm in the long run. In addition, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, substances abuse also causes a person to become weak and tired. All this factors causes people to remain constantly tired and unable to carry on with their daily

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