Essay on The Testing Of Animal Testing

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There is no denying that using animals in the progress of medical research and study is necessary. That being said, the current rulings and principles of this form of scientific research are being challenged by different countries worldwide. In one such case, a U.K. clinical trial was done to limit the use of animals in their study of the TeGenero leukemia drug. “Of the new European tests, for example, five detect pyrogenic contaminants in drugs—bacteria that infiltrate injectable or intravenous drugs during manufacturing and cause lethal immune reactions. The tests rely on cultured human white blood cells and might replace two existing, more expensive methods—the Limulus assay and testing on rabbits” (Sinha). When this was first discovered, the center first accepted six new toxicology screens that had the capacity to quicken their assessments on the drugs while also making other drugs harmless. These were the newest of numerous tests to limit the use animal testing. This center has been dedicated to reducing, substituting, and humanizing present animal-based tests for their various drug inquiries. For example, “The new techniques improve on both methods. The Limulus assay picks up only gram-negative bacteria, whereas the new cell culture methods detect both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, as well as viruses and fungi, Hartung said. Drugs not suitable for the Limulus test, such as monoclonal antibodies and other biological compounds, typically use rabbits…

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