The Synthesis Of Literature Review Essay

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Synthesis of literature review Three studies are included in the literature review presenting non-experimental, Level IV research. Two of the studies were conducted in acute care hospitals and the third study was conducted in a Veterans Hospital surgical facility. Literature review was conducted using the following websites and databases: CINAHL, Medline, Pubmed, and Google. Two of the three studies concluded that there are substantial opportunities to improve the use of prophylactic antibiotics one hour prior to surgical incision time and that overall, timely PA did not markedly contribute to overall patient or facility SSI rates (Hawn, 2007; Bratzler, 2005). The third study concluded there was notable variation in the timing of the PA administration one hour prior to incision confirming that preoperative administration of the PA was associated with decreased incidence of SSI (Classen et al., 1992).
Theoretical framework The theoretical framework selected for this project is the Perioperative Patient Focused Model. The model is consistent with a conceptual framework used in perioperative nursing practice focusing on the patient and their support systems within the core of the model (King and Sapnas, 2007).
The model is guided and standardized by the Perioperative Nursing Data Set (PNDS) consisting of a variation of elements such as nursing diagnosis, interventions, and outcomes (King and Sapnas, 2007) assisting nurses to utilize evidence-based practice in…

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