Essay on The Summer Before My 8th Grade Year

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The summer before my 8th grade year we had planned a cruise to go to Jamaica. I had never been out of the country before, so my excitement was through the roof. Before planning to board the Caribbean Cruise ship, we had decided to stay two days in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We drove all the way down the Florida - my Dad being scared to fly - with 6 people in the car, it 's safe to say it was a very entertaining car ride. When we finally arrived, we immediately went straight to the beach and just relaxed. Those two days in Florida were so fun and stress free I didn 't wanna leave so soon. But the time flew by and next thing you know we were boarding the cruise ship. As we boarded the ship, everything seemed so perfect it felt like a dream. The sun was out, the wind was blowing, and we were officially on our way to Jamaica. After the security finished checking our bags we had to go through certain drills before we could depart from Florida. We all had to put on life jackets and get in single file lines for the ¨what if¨ cases if something went wrong. After we went through all the safety procedures all I wanted to do was lay in the sun, sleep, and relax. So that 's exactly what I did for the next couple hours. When the sun went down, we all went to a restaurant to grab some food, then to our rooms to settle in for the next couple days in paradise. I remember thinking that night that I wouldn 't mind doing this every day and the vacation had only just begun. The third day we…

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