The Success Of An Elite College Essay example

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The Road to Success
Many would say that one does not need to go to an elite college to be successful. Although their argument is reasonable, the statistics clearly show that going to an elite college bolsters your chances in succeeding in the working world. In fact, the average college graduate makes around $47,000 a year; however, graduates from more prestigious schools like Princeton were easily making at least six figures (Ellis). This is an extremely large discrepancy in the payoff of graduating college. Success in the working economy is measured in how much money one makes in a year but it is not limited to this definition. Although a few top CEOs have shown success without going to an elite college, for the majority, it does matter what college one goes to because it reinforces a successful future.
Much of the same general curriculum can be found in both non prestigious and prestigious colleges. Although this is true, elite colleges provide their students with more networks and connections than an average state college as well as more advanced resources for a better education (Leonhardt). In the long run, going to an elite college will provide you with more resources than you need to succeed. Through the use of the colleges connections and brand name, you will be able to have a one up when applying for a job. Being able to use a college’s brand name is very helpful. Since many people see these prestigious colleges in high regards, a job recruiter would more than…

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