The Struggle In Life: The Process Of Resilience

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The process of Resilience is to accomplish a challenge that was bringing you down and to learn from it. Some people believe that those who struggle in life will never be successful. Life challenges can literally affect your way of viewing things. It will make you believe that nothing is worth the shot for. That life is just terrible as hell, however, what you don’t realize is that you are on process for success. When you overcome that challenge you are experiencing, you are going to gain physical and mental strength. In every day of our life, we will always be facing some kind of a challenge. There are many kind of challenges, the only way to accomplish them is by staying motivated and determined. As a kid, you are going to be facing the …show more content…
Richard emphasizes to his mother that he no longer want 's to attempt going to the store again. After a few tries, Richard 's mother finally handed Richard a heavy long stick for Richard to use as a weapon. Richard 's was told by by his mother “if those boys bother you again, you fight back” (Wright 17). Fighting sure is a bad thing, however, when your only option is fighting to reach your goal, you have to do it. Richard headed over to the store once again, instead, this time Richard had the ability to fight back. He beat the gang of boys to the point where they ran away. I do believe that fighting is a bad thing. On the other hand, Richard is finally going to man up, take actions for himself, and learn self defense. Richard now knows that he has the strength to protect himself and his family in any time. He will no longer fear fighting because he has passed the experience of fighting. Another challenge Richard has realized is that his father has abandoned his family and himself. Richard still does not completely understand why his father would do such a thing like that. Although Richard has met his father a few times, and the way he see’s him make Richard gain hate towards him. Richard can clearly see what changes have occurred in his house hold with his dad missing. Obviously they lose money and his mother then searches for jobs to buy groceries. Now, in my opinion, I believe that this must have been his worst experience. This is when she had a stroke that Richard has never seen his mother go through. This must have terrified Richard so bad that it worried him that his mother had passed away. Seen your mother go through pain can be the worst experience in the world, she is the person who has done so much for you. After his mother is paralyzed fem her left side of her body, Richard chose to move in with his Aunt Jody and Uncle

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