The Story Of The Kiowa Tribe Essay

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In the early 19th century, the Kiowa tribe emerged from the mountains in Montana and migrated to Oklahoma. N. Scott Momaday tells the story of the Kiowa tribe in his novel The Way to Rainy Mountain, which was published in 1969. Momaday’s knowledge and experience with both American Indian and English cultures helped him describe characters and scenes throughout the novel in a way that made it easy to comprehend for both languages or cultures. Momaday was born on February, 1934 to Alfred Morris Mammedaty and Natachee Scott Mammedaty; his father is an American Indian, who is apart of the Kiowa tribe. This makes Momaday part American Indian. Alfred later reduced the family name to Momaday to help relate to the English culture better. However, N. Scott Momaday was encouraged by his parents to learn about the tribe’s culture. Momaday’s family heritage plays a significant role when it comes to his writings. The Kiowa tribe has much respect for their elders. “The history of the Kiowa tribe that follows to his own experience, particularly to his grandmother, Aho, who gave him the first accounts of the Kiowa that he ever heard” (Berner). Momaday’s respect for his grandmother started when he was very young. Over the years, his respect grew more and more and she became some sort of a mentor that he looked up to. Some of the elders of the tribe would perform important milestones in the children’s lives, such as receiving a tribe name. An American Indian tradition is to give a…

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