Personal Narrative: The Trail Of Tears

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I am sincerely sorry, for not writing to you for a very long time now. I bring terrible new. Things have not been well, my mom is very sick.She gets worse everyday, I blame the Americans for this. If the Americans never forced us to move then less people would have died. I have more news still, the chief died the other day. People are really upset, we have a new chief now. He is the son of our old chief. He wants us to walk longer, he keeps saying we are close. I know he is wrong, 200 hundred other people have died on this trail. Only two things touch the ground and never get up, the fallen bodies of the dead and the tears from the living. That is how I came up with the name for this trail,"The Trail Of Tears". I Know the name is sad, it was the only name I could come up with. …show more content…
The day she died I asked my dad if we all where going to die, he had told me that we would live. So many people have died now, I have lost count. We do not have time to bury the bodies, they are just left on the trail. If someone were to die with food or water on them others, would take the fmaterials. This is the saddest thing I have ever had to do in my life, walk a trail where people have died, people I loved. We found more food and water, I feel like some of those who were sick have gotten better. I wish my mom had made it this far, she would have lived. Just the thought of thinking of my mom makes me want to cry, I miss her so much. This diary was the last thing she had given

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