The Story Of The Ivory Tower Documentary Essay

841 Words Aug 28th, 2016 4 Pages
The Ivory Tower documentary highlighted some issues that occurring in the United States. First of which is the issue that students are unable to become educated without signing away what seems like half of their life due to debt. Student debt in the United States has reached such a high number that students no longer see the point in attending college because it forms this idea that they will make more by avoiding the loans. The loss in drive for education brings along another issue – a divide between the older and younger generations. My grandmother and mother always told me that I have to go to college. There was no other option as far as they were concerned. To older generations, college means that someone is successful in life and many people of that generation pass this ideal down to their grandchildren. However, many people in this new generation have lost the drive to go college. My generation no longer views college as a step to success, but instead it is a road block to success. College is seen as a place that only takes money and gives nothing back – just a piece of paper. Diplomas hold no purpose to others in this younger generation because it is too costly to get one now. I am one of those people that feel that college has become such a massive burden. During high school I maintained a solid 3.7 GPA and managed to get two 4.0 GPA’s at two college at the same time. Yet, I still came across hardship as far as affording the education I need for my career. The amount…

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