Adult Development Case Study Examples

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Adult Development Case Study
I. Introduction:

For my case study I interview my grandmother my fathers mother. She is a sixty-three years old widow with 7 children, two of which are stepchildren. My grandmother currently resides in a small town called Pinkard in Alabama. She lives with her youngest son and nephew. During my interview we discussed the three topics love, education, and parenting
II. Body: LOVE

My case study took place over the phone since my grandmother lives 4 hours away. During the interview the first question I asked my grandmother was has she ever been in love. I chose this topic because of the journal entry in class. I wanted to see her point of view versus mine. Since she is her late adulthood stage
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My grandmothers received her high school diploma. I was curious since she values education why she did not go to college. Her response was I simply could not afford it, by the time she finished high school she has a young child to take care of. There was not a lot of support from family members because she had a child out of wedlock, which was frowned upon back in those days. Because of her circumstance she was unable to follow through with her dreams and go to college because she had to work and take care of a family. After her explanation of her hardships I started to understand why she put such a emphasize on higher education. After reading the journal article “Older Adults and Higher Education. It gave me a better outlook on why some older adults were or are unable to purse getting some type of higher education. While reading the article some of the information matched my grandmothers life experiences. For example in the article it says, “Many older adults have remained in low- skill jobs for most of their lives. And with high school diplomas or less, they may never have viewed college as a possibility.” (Continuing Higher Education and Older Adults 2011 ) This article gave examples of some of the challenges older adults have faced trying to get access to a …show more content…
Having how structural barriers in the emerging adulthood stage can impact an individual’s late adulthood stage. Because of certain life changing opportunities missed. Older Adulthood usually know what they want in life while emerging adults are at that in between stage in their life. I expected an adult in their late adulthood stage to have different views on love, parenting and education than an emerging adult. I thought the large age gap, would play a big factor in how both adult view the world, instead the views are somewhat similar. During my interview the question arose are we really that different? Has time changed how people feel or are young adults and elderly people actually on the same

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