Oral History Interview Analysis

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Oral History Interview Analysis
I interviewed my parent’s elementary school teacher who is very close to my family. She was born in Loma de Cabrera a town of the municipality of Dajabón in the Dominican Republic. She is a seventy-seven years old women who grew up in a humble and hard working family of six children where respect and support play an important role. My interviewee grew up in the same town where she was born and later on started her own family.
I will use the functionalist, social constructivism, and symbolic interactions theories to analyze the life history of the interviewee. I will also focus on her family values, religious belief, and interactions to analyze her history due to they all seemed to be extremely important to their
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Institutions for some of the parts of the society used to maintain a balance. In this case, the school and church played an important role shaping the values in which her family relied. Education, good work ethic, faith, and respect were always promoted by her parents. The interviewee stated “she will go to church every Sunday morning with her family and they will pray every night before going to bed.” Similarly, she reported “my parents always encourage us to go to school and pursue a good education… We will have responsibilities in the house, but these responsibilities never prevented us from going to …show more content…
This theory contributes to our understanding of society and relationships. When asked about her relationship with her siblings she reported to “I admired my oldest sister, I always thought that she was so pretty. I remember how I always tried to be around her even if that mean that I had to help her with her house chores. She was so caring and sweet. She used to walk with us everyday to our middle school to then go to her school.” She also said, “I had a good relationship with my brothers too, I will play around the house with my little bother and climb the tree in the backyard. We will even go to run errands together.” Clearly, the relationship with her siblings contributed to the formation of unity in the family that she and her husband always promoted in their

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