Halloween Interview Essay

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The first interview I listened to was a Halloween special and it was about this family who had just arrived home from an outing on Halloween and there were two armed men with halloween masks on in their garage. The two men forced the mom, Janette, and the dad, Greig, into the trunk of their car while the baby was still a carseat in the back of the vehicle. While in the trunk Janette was messing around with wires to see if she could find the trunk release handle all while hoping her child was okay. The car finally stopped and the two men took all of the family’s money and their bank cards. Before leaving they stated that if the pin number is wrong they will come back and kill Janette and Greig. Eventually Janette found the trunk release handle …show more content…
In this interview Debbie did sound kind of uncomfortable but it was mostly sadness in her voice. It sounded like she started crying during the interview which clearly showed talking about the subject upsets her greatly and that’s probably the reason she didn’t go into detail about what her father told her. I also think since she knew that this story really upsetted her father it upsets her too.
I chose this interview because throughout the years of learning about the holocaust every story has been different so I wanted to hear this man’s story of how he survived and what went on while he was there. Although I did not get to hear his story I got to hear how this event not only affected the people that were there but it also affects the family, friends, and even strangers who only heard the stories that are told. If I could ask Debbie any questions I would ask her how she dealt with the new knowledge that she had received about her father 's
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The people in these interviews show that all you need is hope and to stay strong and you can survive and make it out alive. These stories also show that for some of us who may have small problems that we think are the end of the world people have survived much worse. Oral history matters because it gives a chance to those people who experienced a life changing event to record it in history so that future generations and people around the world can hear a story right from the person who experienced it. Oral history relates to other forms of researching history because you can read about an event or read about a person’s life and get the information just like you can listen about an event or a person and get the same information. The benefits of oral history are that it allows a historian to exactly how someone 's viewpoint of an event in history was and can tell how that event affected the person by the emotion in their voice. Oral history also lets historians interview people about questions of interest and lets them find out what they really want to know. The disadvantages could be that oral history isn’t really for factual data such as times, dates, and locations because people sometimes have a hard time remembering the specifics like these. If I could interview anyone I would interview my great grandma Wall because she was born in 1929 so she has experienced many events

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