Marla Herbert And Jeanne: Family History And Support System?

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Marla Gibbs identified the following: “There are no accidents; we 're all teachers- if we 're willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door” (as cited in Freedom Resources Center for Independent Living [Freedom RC], 2015). This quotes resonates with the elder project because I learned more about my neighbor Jeanne.
Family History and Support System
Jeanne is an 81 female, who is the only child of Herbert and Clara. Both, Herbert owned a grocery store a few blocks from their home (born in 1905; died in April of 1984). Clara was a stay at home mother (born in 1907; died in February of 1973). Herbert was an active smoker and drinker; he was diagnosed with lung cancer and died from the lung cancer. Clara was diagnosed with
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Mike is a retired police officer. He married to Lori and have two adopted daughters, Hailey and Kiera. Hailey is in college and Kiera is a senior in high school: both are healthy and actively involved in activities. Jeanne also had twin girls, Kelly and Colleen. Kelly married Nick, and have one daughter named Danielle. Kelly travels for work, and since their family lives in Omaha Kelly checks up on Jeanne and Bernie frequently. Colleen married John, and they reside in Kansas City. Colleen is teaching, she was a nurse on the cardiac floor. They have a son named Chase that was married two years ago.
Additionally, Jeanne had a psychiatrist hypnotize her for all Mike’s and the twin’s births. She stated that she did not feel any pain for the twin’s birth, but they were also smaller babies around four and five pounds each. Jeanne stated that she was hypnotized but broke out of the trance for Mike’s birth. He weighed about nine pounds. Furthermore, all three of Jeanne’s children attended St Thomas More School, and then attended Omaha South High

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