The State Of West Virginia University Essay

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West Virginia University has been a part of West Virginia for a long time. It has roots in West Virginia that are close to being one hundred and fifty years old. It has influenced who we are as a state and our society. It represents what the people are about including what we aim and continue aiming to do as a state. It represents what our population has academically achieved through hard work and dedication. The college has adapted to the changing world in many ways since its founding and opening. The college has played a major role in shaping the state of West Virginia. West Virginia University has had a very big impact on the intelligence of the state which has an extraordinary impact on everything else in the beautiful state of West Virginia. West Virginia University was founded early in the year1867 but construction began several years before. The Morrill Act had a big contribution to the forming. It was signed in 1862 by the hands of Abraham Lincoln which offered over 28,000 acres of federal land to each state in the U.S. that signed and agreed to us the land to build and teach on. The act stated that the land must be used to establish a college of agriculture and mechanical arts. The following year after the Morrill Act was passed the state of West Virginia was established. The first name of the college we know today as West Virginia University used to be named Agricultural College of West Virginia because of the strict rules of the Act. Its founding has led to the…

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