The Social Problem Of Social Media Essay

1097 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 5 Pages
Is it true that social media is the cause of many social problems. Facebook is the main social site that cause many social problems like cyberbullying, fighting, threats and even suicide. Social media is the source of many social problems among youth in the modern-day America.
Teenagers spend more time on the internet that they are not taking enough time to study for the quizzes. Teens no longer see a point in studying because they learned to cheat their way to the top because it takes less effort. Cheating has become a priority because they sleep less and spend more time on the internet. It is hard to study when they are more worried about sleep then paying attention in class. The fact that these children are so addicted to the internet that they do not even want to engage in conversation with their peers. If I had to explain the way young adults act I would say ”isn’t social disorder” because they are more concerned about self. This mean they would rather be on their phones then to have a conversation with someone for hours they are getting bored with learning because they are always on the internet being entertained. My example of why we do not need social media is children are becoming obese. Teenagers would rather sit on the computer or phone instead of exercising the reason children would rather be on the internet because it takes less effort to get on line then to play a sport. The teens are not working their muscles and without the proper exercise…

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