The Social Of Social Media Essay

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Introduction The term social media as used in popular culture and literature can be at times confusing. For example, there are those who think that social media refers to Facebook, twitter, or MySpace. However, although such assumptions are not quite far from the truth, the exact definition of social media according to Mathews (n.d) is as follows; “any medium of communication that allows interaction.” Another definition is afforded by Waters & Lester (2010), who describe social media as “a collection of online services that allow people to create and publish web content and connect with each other over the internet.” According to Waters (2010), social media includes social networking applications, video and photo sharing applications, blogs, among others. This essay will offer an overview of four common social media applications; Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Whatsapp.
According to Huotari & Nyberg (2012), Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Initially, Zuckerberg designed Facebook primarily for Harvard University students in the United States to stay connected after leaving campus. However, today, Facebook is the world’s largest social networking application, overshadowing other competitors such as Twitter (Huotari & Nyberg, 2012). Whether one is a professional, a student, a teenager, or just about anyone, Facebook offers free registration. As a matter of fact, their home/landing page states explicitly that Facebook “is free and always will be”…

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