Facebook Invasion Of Privacy Essay

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Facebook is formatted in a way that allows a vast number of people to create profiles online. These profiles can be used to share private and personal information with a network of friends. Without the proper use of privacy controls the information can be available for strangers. Privacy tools are offered within Facebook to put limitations on who can see the information you share. However, it is necessary to note that Facebook is constructed in a open and social manner when compared to other online communication tools such as email. Due to the lack of privacy control Facebook users exercise when providing personal information about themselves, Gross and Acquisti (2005) argue that participants could potentially be putting themselves at risk both offline, (stalking) and online (cyberbullying, identity theft, invasion of privacy).Many users in a person 's online friend group would hardly constitute as friends; in fact, many may actually be qualified as complete strangers. Many friend requests are accepted simply because an individual has met the other once. Despite all of this, a person’s private and often …show more content…
Muusses et al. are claiming that prolong use Facebook can be an isolating. People who spend much of their time on Facebook are essentially spending less time interacting with people face-to-face. Schiffrin et al. (2010) argue in favor of the negative effects of online communication. Their study found that people typically associated technological means of communication as less useful than in-person communication, and suggest that replacing verbal, face-to-face with digital communication is likely to have a negative effect on relationships and well-being. Additionally, they found an association between Internet use and reduced overall well-being (Schiffrin et al.,

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