Facebook Narcissism Analysis

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Nowadays(,) with technology constantly changing and most of our world being digital, the

term relationship has grasped a new meaning. Relationships are no longer face to face

conversations with a person you care about, they are digitally conducted and may involve no

communication at all. The new social world strays away from meaningful relationships but

introduces to more people than ever before. People using Facebook are able to connect with

thousands of people at the click of a button. Facebook is a way to digitally introduce yourself and

connect to many, it is a great way to network and has no self centered, narcissistic aspects to it.

In this article there are two sides arguing about whether or not Facebook is narcissistic or

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Mehdizadeh believes that the results point to narcissism being a huge part of the success of

Facebook. The research is said to have shown that people with higher narcissistic traits and lower

self­esteem use or are more likely to use Facebook. Over a person with no narcissistic traits and

high self esteem.

The NO side which is lead by Alex Lambert believes that the sole purpose of facebook

and the main reason of its use is to intensify relationships with others or get connected to people

that they didn’t know. Lambert does believe that Facebook has narcissistic traits and people who

use it with narcissistic intentions but he doesn’t think it is relevant to the purpose of Facebook

and how most people use it. Lambert came to a conclusion of research that he analyzing deciding

that the common use of narcissistic users is irrelevant to the possibility of all of Facebook having

a narcissistic purpose. He believes this because of the easy access to new relationships and the

ability to communicate with others, which is the actual purpose of Facebook.

Facebook is not used for narcissism, simple as that. The purpose and use of Facebook
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On Instagram and Twitter you have followers and have the option to not

follow back. People with narcissistic views have the opportunity to see other people follow them

and have them see what the narcissist is doing but the narcissist doesn’t have to follow that

person. Yes, narcissism is constantly a thing on IG and Twitter. People love to see how many

followers they can get but keep their amount of followers down so they have a good “ratio”. But

Facebook is completely different and blatantly promotes relationships rather than followers.

Facebook is a way to digitally introduce yourself and connect to many, it is a great way to

network and has no self centered, narcissistic aspects to it. Other social media sites have a much

more narcissistic aspect to it but Facebook is online to connect others and create friendships.

People use it everyday to connect to the world and intensify a relationship that may have a hard

time stay connected. Without Facebook we would know much less people and be much less

connected. Narcissism is involved in facebook but in no way is it the reason for its success and

the reason it exists, it exist to connect one world over a Social

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