Facebook Economic Impact

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Facebook And Online Consuming.
Recently, Investopedia announced top World 's Top 10 Technology Companies; Facebook stands number four in the list. Although just existed in several years, Facebook achieved much success in the technology market not only in the country but the whole world. According to a survey do by Facebook, worldwide, there are over 1.71 billion monthly active Facebook users (Facebook MAUs) which are a 15 percent increase year over year, published by Zephoria in 2016. Also, Facebook has a significant impact on the economy which cost $227 billion dollars of global economic impact (Deloitte). Because of that huge number, many people concern about the Facebook financial, and how the 32 guy name Mark Zuckerberg can make a free
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According to Deloitte, " Platform effects estimate the economic impact of 3rd party products and services built atop of the Facebook platform." (8) The platform is the only applications which are imperative in running the website. Then, it extends to mobile devices and driven by apps. Therefore, Facebook has helped mobile devices such as Apple, Android, and another platform to develop within and without Facebook (Deloitee 8). Moreover, Facebook allows their customer to customize their apps such as game, music, health management, etc. Thus, users would have better experience and services while using apps. Facebook also allows people to cooperate themselves with their friends or even people around the world while using these apps. For example, Farmville is the most success game that produce by Facebook in 2012, player can connect to their friends on Facebook that they can collaborate, or compare themselves against their friends. Therefore, users spend more time to play, and it create more jobs for game creators. Moreover, Facebook helps users discover news apps. For instance, Facebook app center is a collection of many games app which created by game creators. Thus, customers would find many more games through the platform. According to the University of Maryland. Their study, called "The Facebook App Economy," said at least 182,000 new jobs have been created by businesses in the U.S. making apps specifically for Facebook, the world 's most popular social network with more than 750 million users. In brief, Facebook development tools make opportunities for new features, apps, services, which encourage the development of digital, apps creators

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