The Social Customer Relationship Management Essay

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Social customer relationship management is a tactic used by organizations to appear transparent and gain trust from customers (Greenberg, 2010). When an organization appears transparent, customers begin to feel that the organization is trustworthy enough to earn their business. In order to manage social customer relationships, specific tools will need to be used. A blog is an example of a social customer relationship management tool. Blogs are used to encourage conversation between customers and employees of an organization(Greenberg, 2010). In addition, blogs allow customers to speak their mind about ideas, questions, comments, or concerns that they may have about the organization. Overall, a blog acts as an organization’s journal; it allows the public to view organizations thoughts, while giving the public a chance to give their own input. Another tool that can be used to enhance social customer relationship management is a podcast.
A podcast comes in various forms, but the most popular form is audio. A podcast allows individuals to download and stream an audio file that pertains to a certain subject matter. A podcast is beneficial due to its ability to reach a wide range of customers(Greenber, 2010). A podcast can be heard from practically anywhere, thus more individuals will have the ability to access useful information. Both blogs and podcasts can be used together to enhance a customer relationship management program. Blogs act as an organizations…

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