The Silk Road Was An Established System Of Multiple Routes Essay

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During the Han Dynasty of China, the Silk Road was an established system of multiple routes, well-known for connecting the regions of the ancient world in trade. Despite the name, the Silk Road was not one singular route – in fact, it linked China, Japan, Persia, India, Arabia and Europe. During the Han Dynasty, emperor Wu sent one of his men to seek the help of neighboring nomadic tribes in attempt to band together to fend off the Xiongnu. It was on this journey that the emissary came across descendants of Alexander the Great’s army who, with their horses, would be a worthy ally in the emperor’s fight. This mission to find men to fight was the first exposure that the Chinese had had with the western world. After this event took place the Chinese began to open trade routes to the western world, where they began to exchange silk among other things. At this time the trade routes were limited to the nearest major cities and did not include a large variety of merchandise being traded. The road, which was more of a route, was known for its transportation of silk from China, where it was manufactured. For centuries the Chinese kept their silk secrets hidden because it was their primary export and the means by which they made most of their money. Although the route was ideal for the transportation of produced goods between different kingdoms and empires, it also fostered the movement of something much more valuable, culture. Cultural aspects such as: peoples themselves, ideas,…

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