Cross Cultural History

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What does Bentley mean by cross-cultural history?

Cross cultural history is the history of the interactions which different cultures have one each other. These interactions can be on an economic basis in the form trade as they exchange goods. There are cultural exchanges as different societies come in contact with one another. This contact can result in traditions, beliefs etc being carried to areas not originally from as the influence of the society spreads with he people. This is how many religions spread around the world and cross culture interaction was the cause off this. The goods used to trade were often also in demand on a local level. The increased production did have an impact on the economic and social structure as well as demographic
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Their varying physical and social positions resulted in a mutually beneficial trading agreement. Factors such as climate and natural resources allowed groups to exclusively produce and distribute materials. An iron smelting foundry in Asia would send their product to Eurasia and Indian ocean. This economic trade would see political alliances follow such as the strong ties South East Asian countries developed. This is an example of cross culture as these groups interact they are establishing structures, something Bentley sees as being a apart of cross culture. Improved technology allowed long distance trade to be more viable; silk and sea roads were popular trade routes in the East. 1. The trade between East Africa and South East Asia popularised Islam as large scale conversions took place due to their trade relations. 1. It could be argued however that in some instances when the trade routes were too long then little cultural impact is made on the other area. For example North Americas trade with Southern America developed a strong economic relationship yet the social aspect was not …show more content…
The trade relations, which countries developed were the foundations for cross culture. The interaction between groups of different areas allowed mutually beneficial deals to occur and grew each others economic status and furthered their development. This would allow biological aspect to take place as people and flora moved around the world. This diversified the demographic and allowed people from different ethnicities to interact with each other. This also allowed crops and plants to grow exceptionally fast and profited the people. Religions were somewhat influenced by cross culture as religions followed groups into new areas however this was to a greater extent the result of search for power and land using the

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