Egypt And Mesopotamia Compare And Contrast

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Our world, today, has many laws, customs and beliefs. These characteristics that we see today, have evolved over the course of many years, all the way to when they were created, by the first civilizations, around 3000 to 5000 years ago. These ancient civilizations contributed greatly to what culture, and religion, all across the world, is today. There were four dominant ancient civilizations, of the past, Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, and India. As they evolved these civilizations shared many similarities, culturally and religiously.
Two civilizations that are often compared to each other are India and China. They both started out as small communities of nomadic people that would live in semi-permanent villages. As these communities learned
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Both Egypt and Mesopotamia were made up of communities of hunter-gatherers, which evolved into small sedentary tribes when they began to adopt the practice of agriculture and the domestication of animals. These small communities, believed in some form of afterlife, and created shrines to protect their dead. Egypt evolved almost directly from a state of society with no official laws, or government to a civilization ruled by a large government, without experiencing a city-state phase, unlike Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia developed a city-state basis of government just after the beginning of which, Mesopotamia, adopted more abstract symbols for writing. Both Egypt, and Mesopotamia, created temples to worship their gods, when priest-kings ruled. In regions of both Egypt and Mesopotamia patron deity’s existed, but as these regions were overtaken by these civilizations, the deity’s, would either become a part of the civilizations religion, or be discarded, and this led to some gods, assuming more power than others. Both civilizations were ruled by a king, who had total power over the land. These Kings were thought to be part god-part human by the Egyptians, and the Mesopotamians thought of their kings, as someone who had descended from the realm or land of the gods. The afterlife, was a big part of both civilizations culture, but even more so with the Egyptians. Both empires had vast influences …show more content…
They were among the most influential ancient civilizations, which gave birth to our modern society’s culture. Though they each were unique and had different aspects, culturally and religiously, they all originated similarly, and shared similar views, at the roots of each civilization. They laid down the foundations for what our world’s culture and religion is today. Although it has been millennia since these early civilizations were first around, and their customs and religions are ancient, they have managed to influence, as well as give birth to, different cultures and societies that can be seen in this modern day. In summary, civilizations and their development, socially, and culturally, have always gone hand in hand, with their religion and its

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