Sharhmah Essay

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The word Sharī’ah was mentioned only once in the Quran 45:18 addressing Prophet Mohammad. “[O Muhammad,] We have set thee on a way by which the purpose [of faith] may be fulfilled”. In the verse, the Prophet is being identified as a messenger to fulfill a purpose of faith. What is the purpose of faith that Sharī’ah is set to fulfill?
An Islamic vision for a divine-human relationship is concerned with the higher objectives (Maqāṣid) of the Lawgiver (al-Sharī’). Linguistically, Sharī’ah is dervied from the root (sha-ra-‘a) and literally means a path to water or a straight path. Metaphorically, water is indispensable and an essencial componet for maintaining life; therefore, the significance of Sharī’ah to faith is as important as water is
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The presence of a hardship (mashaqa) or necessity (ḍarūra) triggers the utlization of consessions for leniency (rukhṣa) that could be available in the presence of necessity and hardship.
The consideration of social interests (istiṣlāḥ) depends on the human ability to examine the sources of Islamic law to become aware of authentic texts, emulate tradition, apply reason, or seek consensus to distinguish human interests. Maṣlaḥa is classified into three categories based on its levels of support. There are several types of maṣlaḥa. Some are supported by text and called (mu`tabarah), and others unrestricted (mursalah) due to the lack of textual restriction. On the other hand, the discredited (muhdarah) are canceled by text. Ibn Ashur classified benefits according to three criteria: impact and necessity for the existence of the community based on the essentials, complementary, and desirable; relationship to the totality of the community either particular or universal (groups and individuals); and the evidence that supports the significance of their existence for the community and

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