The Six Fundamentals Of Islamic Belief

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1. Explain clearly and briefly, in your own words, the six fundamentals of Islamic belief.
The six fundamental Islamic belief are a belief in God, Angels, Books, Messengers, Divine Destiny, and the Last Day. In regard to the belief in God, it is said that God has all attributes of perfection and there is no imperfection. The seven attributes of God are existence: his existence is necessary, life: his life is necessary, power: God is able bring about anything possible, will, knowledge, dissimilarity, and finally speaking. Next the belief in angels, the belief is that angels are obedient to God and that they are made of light. Their job is to govern and manage creations. Angels also have an original form and can take other forms. They are different
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The testimony of faith is “There is no true god but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God.” When you say this (and you mean it) you become a part of the Islamic religion. The next pillar is prayer, Muslims pray five times a day following a certain way of praying. The prayers take place at dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, and night. Another pillar of the Islamic religion is giving annual 2.5% of your surplus income for those in need. Fasting is also a pillar of the Islamic religion. As a Muslim, fasting is expected of you each day of the lunar month Ramadan. The last pillar is pilgrimaging to Mecca once in your life if able. The Mecca is a holy spot for Muslims where they pray and perform other …show more content…
Explain clearly and briefly, in your own words, the ideal of spiritual excellence in the Islamic religion.
The way I view spiritual excellence in the Islamic religion is spiritual perfection. The way that this can be achieved is acting as though God is watching you no matter what it is you are doing. Excellence is to worship Allah as if you see Him, for although you do not see Him yet He certainly sees you.
Source: Sahih Muslim 8, Grade: Sahih
Spiritual excellence is not easy at all to do, you most definitely have to do more than the bare minimum of the religion. In fact, one would have to perfect all aspects of the religion including prayer, submitting to God, and other. To add to this, you not only have to perfect your religious ways you also have to achieve excellence towards people. If you want to achieve spiritual excellence you not only have to achieve excellence in the worship of the creator but you also have to achieve excellence towards the creation itself. 4. Monotheist say that only God is worthy of worship. What do you think might make an object or person worthy of worship? Include a brief explanation of how you understand

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