Essay on The Shadow Of A Gunman

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The Shadow of a Gunman by Sean O 'Casey

In nineteen twenty-three, Sean O 'Casey released a book of three plays all of which were performed at the prestigious Abbey Theater. "Three Dublin Plays", was broken down into exactly that, three plays; The Shadow of a Gunman, Juno and the Paycock, and The Plough and the Stars. Of those three, I chose to examine The Shadow of a Gunman. This was the very first of the three plays to be accepted into Abbey Theater and is set in May of 1920. The author himself, Sean O 'Casey, was a huge supporter of the patriotism flowing through Ireland. Originally born John O 'Casey, his named was changed once he felt the nationalism taking over the country, and decided himself to learning the Irish language. In The Shadow of a Gunman poverty and life inside the tenements was more than just an idea for O ' Casey because he himself had lived in poverty and inside those tenements while growing up. However, over time it seems O ' Casey has changing emotions of the revival and revolution for Ireland and that 'll be displayed throughout the play.
As previously mentioned, the play took place in 1920, this year is significant because it was one of the most fueled years of the Irish War of Independence, which was from 1919-1921. The war, a true guerilla warfare, was between the IRA (Irish Republic Army) and the British army forces. The British forces were private security groups known as the Auxiliaries and the Black and Tans. These two groups had a…

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