The Seven-Stage Choice Theory: The Sociological Analysis Of The Mickey Mantle Case

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Biomedical Example
With regards to decision making, each association has steps or systems they use to settle moral issues. Being a representative of an association, you are furnished with the essential assets to keep conflict to a minimum. One of the enormous issues we confront today is should well known individuals be viewed differently than individuals who are less lucky with regards to medical attention. There may be a chosen few who believe they ought to get extraordinary treatment; while there are other people who believe everybody is the same. Let us consider the Mickey Mantle case, in which he was placed ahead of others to receive a liver transplant in 1995. Utilizing the seven-stage choice model, we will decide whether Mickey Mantle ought to have gotten special treatment when it came to treatment.
Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle was known for his hall of fame career in baseball. He was known as a superstar that could never act or treat individuals differently just based on the fact that he was famous and they were not. He injured his leg at an early age that gave him osteomyelitis which ended his career sooner than anticipated. In the wake of resigning from baseball, Mickey turned into a restaurateur and a TV analyst. In 1974, he was set in the
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The hospital would like to operate on a person who is famous or considered a hero. It gives good recognition for the hospital, and it gives the hospital a chance to increase the number of clients. The downfall for this long-term is that you do not want ordinary individuals to think you only treat exclusive clients. One of the long-term goals for this organization is to increase profit. By taking on exclusive clients, it is a good way to help increase the profit margin for the organization. In the short-term scheme of things, you do not want to forget about the individuals who need your assistance on a daily

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