Roberto Clemente: An Amazing Baseball Player

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McKenna Williams
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April Friges
September 11, 2014
Roberto Clemente was an amazing baseball player and an inspiring human being. Best known as being one of the Pittsburgh’s most talented players, Clemente lead the Pirates as a powerful batter and as a defensive right fielder. However, there is more to Clemente’s fame than just baseball; he was also a strong world leader. He was passionate about racial issues and human rights. He used his fame and talent to help his country and to help change the negative view the world had on dark skinned people. Clemente changed the way the country looked at baseball and the way the world looked at each other.
Roberto Clemente, youngest of five, was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico on August
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In 1951, manager Branch Rickey transferred from the Dodgers to the Pirates. After managing two already two successful teams, the world was wondering if Rickey would be able to change the Pirate’s reputation. In 1955, Rickey found Clemente in Puerto Rico and signed him to the Pirates. From 1955 till 1972, Clemente shared his exuberant talent and his benevolent character with Pittsburgh. He not only made Pirate history, but also baseball history. With Clemente, the Pirates won two world series- one in 1960 against the Yankees and one in 1971 against the Orioles. He was also invited to play in twelve all star games. Clemente was vital to the team at bat and in the outfield. He has a lifetime average of .317, has had four 200 hit seasons, and has once achieve three triples in a game. In baseball history, Clemente became the first Latino to reach 3,000 hits. Of these 3,000 hits 864 are extra bases, 440 are doubles, 166 are triples and 240 are home runs. In the outfield, Clemente was a lead right fielder. He received the Golden Glove Award twelves years in a row. Clemente make a huge impact on the Pirates and the world of …show more content…
On December 23, 1972, there was a devastating earthquake in the capital of Nicaragua that killed 7,000 people and left 250,000 people homeless. In these numbers were several of Clementes friends that he met while managing a Puerto Rican all star team. Clemente, wanting to help, became an honorary chairman of the relief committee. He collected 150,000 dollars and shipped twenty-six tons of food, clothing, and medicine to Nicaragua. However, because of the corrupt regime, these shipments were being intercepted. Clemente decided to fly with the supplies to ensure the packages were distributed. Little did he know that the plane he was on was overloaded by 4,000 pounds. After take off, the plane exploded and his body was never

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