The Setting Of This Short Story Essay

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(The setting of this short story takes place seventy years from the time we last saw Shane. The year is 2073, and the Chasing Horse family is still on the Lakota reservation.)

On a bright and hopeful morning, the birds chirp and the air smells as if the world was reborn overnight and nothing was in the air but the sun. A young Edward wakes up in his fresh linen sheets and can smell the bacon and eggs that mom is cooking in the kitchen. It 's a perfect day. Saturday. Nothing can go wrong.

Edward gets out of bed and walks towards the kitchen, and he was right; eggs, bacon, and chocolate milk. It was gearing up to be a perfect day.

"So what do you plan on doing today?" asked Edward 's mother.
"I think I am just going to watch cartoons and maybe see if John wants to hang out,” answered Edward.
"Sounds like you 've got a perfect day planned out." his mother replied.

Edward agreed, it was going to be a perfect day. Nothing could go wrong. As Edward rose from his seat towards the trashcan by the window, he started gagging. His mother rushed over, "Oh honey I am so sorry, I forgot to close the window." She shut the window and turned towards Edward, "Are you alright now?" she asked. "I wish they would burn that place to the ground!" Edward yelled and pointed to the window.

His mother sighed, shook her head, and began to whisper, "You and I both know that it isn 't a good place to be, but people live there and we have to respect that. Edward crossed…

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