The Separation Of Power By The Bourgeoisie Essay

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Limited Government was part created by the Bourgeoisie, a social class that was form in and around the 16 and 17 century. At the beginning the bourgeoisie placed formal and constitutional limits to the government. Even though, the original reason for those limits was to favor the Bourgeoisie class. This was put in place to stop the control of government by the aristocracy.
Later it served a greater purpose, it keep the government in check and aid on the protection of the citizens.
Part of the structure prohibits the government from interfering with areas, such as, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech or expression, freedom of assembly or association, and freedom from arbitrary search and seizure. This was later evolved and call Bill of Rights. The U.S. Constitution was written with these terms in it.
Second is the separation of power by dividing the system in three different areas, Legislative, Executive and judicial. This separation of power allows one branch of the government to have part on the decisions of the other two. This was design and put in to place to balance the power of each branch of the government and to allow interaction and participation. This is called check and Balance
Nevertheless we have Federalism, where the power is divided between the Nation and the states. This is what gives the States and the federal government power to make decision while following the rules.

Federalism is where the power is shared between the national government and…

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