The Articles Of Confederation And New Federalism In The United States

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Federalism in the United States is based on a two-level government system that control is divided between national government and subnational government. The significant points in this chapter further explains federalism, the articles of confederation and new federalism.
Federalism is a two level geographical system of government in which control is distributed between national and state government. It serves three main points: first; it’s part of a system of official checks and balances that were created to influence power by sharing it between two levels of government, second; it produces a political system where interest can be characterized in the national government, and third; federalism creates governance system where the states can
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Articles of confederation is described as a union where most control belongs to the constituent; it particularly signifies the political system as a union of states that unify together in a group of friendship. In addition, the constitution created a federal government with more control than the national government. In the articles of confederation congress has some powers that are granted from the constitution, such as the power to coin money, regulate interstate commerce, and raise and support armies. In addition, some powers under the articles of confederation were taken away and given to the federal government. (American Government page 124, 125, …show more content…
The bill of rights first ten Amendments if the principle origination of civil liberties. Moreover, there has always been issues with civil liberties for the reason that the government controls the laws such as, it is not ok to have the right to burn a flag as a political law or demonstrate at a funeral. Therefore, the government can have reasoning that can limit their rights. (American Government page

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