Importance Of Swaraj On Indian Society

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The term swaraj means Independence and to become self sufficient in all the terms. It is one who do not think of himself and help others in all the situations which basically means he will not become selfish. Swaraj is for the good of the people and not for the bad of the people.

In this movement it was clearly mentioned and written that not a single person can live without its society. Society is considered as the main part and the main organ. So a person should not do anything which can hurt the sentiment of society that simply means he should not do any bad or evil thing and should work according to the interest of the society as a whole.

Man here is considered as a political animal. He knows how to govern himself in a right way. He knows
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Mahatma gandhi was totally against the centralization of power as he want equality.
Secular state in terms of freedom of religion, faith, belief given to an individual and according to Mahatma Gandhi state should not interfere in any religious matter as religion is matter of choice to an individual and is considered as personal in the eye of Gandhi.
There should be a form of government who can govern its people in a right manner. So there can never be anarchy in the society and people are able to enjoy their fundamental rights. There should be Legislature who will make law, Executive who will implement law and Judiciary who will keep take care of all the laws and will protect its citizens.


Sarvodaya is mainly for the uplift of the majority society as well as minority society. Mahatma Gandhi wanted equality. But the major problem was whom to uplift majority or minority. So first, Mahatma Gandhi first thought to uplift the majoritarian people but then he thought that this can lead to inequality to minority. So had an idea to uplift the minoritarian people but the same problem came in his mind that this can lead to inequality to other society which is majority society. So he took a common concept which is to draw line of equality between both the society which is
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Majoritarian was concept of Behtam and Minoritarian was concept of Mill. This is considered as the theory of state. Now if we talk about the protection of state then it is seen that Government if for people and for the welfare of society and there should be some measures for the protection of state. some measures are :-
There should be armed forces for the welfare of society that is at the time of war, revolt and also we need cops for criminal, for the one who need peace, no hostility between each other.
There should be ban to the bad things like corruption, liquor - dens, bars, cigarettes, cigars as these cause the health problem and GDP problems too.
There should be no untouchability in the society, color discrimination or race, creed discrimination because a welfare society is one where there is unity, respect for each other. If this two feelings are not their between the people in a society so this can lead to failure in GDP and a person will live in insecurities. This can lead to the threat in their lives and also this will threaten their common right which is right to live. So there should not be any discrimination in the society.
They should be no hatred between the individuals, classes, or races. So government should ban all the causes which will led to the hatred between each

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