Conformity In Ishmael

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Society is a difficult concept to grasp and understand well. Society has a set of rules that isn’t really spoken or written down anywhere but everyone automatically knows what’s acceptable and what’s not. Conformity in society is clearly something that you have to do in order to be seen as normal and socially acceptable. But the real question is, in order for society to prosper must we conform? Is conforming really doing us any good? Conformation in society isn’t something that’s really beneficial towards the future of us. In Ishmael by Daniel Quinn it’s talked about how the “story” that the Takers are following is leading us towards a path of destruction, in the movie Metropolis the main character tried to revolt against the norm and tried …show more content…
That the reason that we’re heading the wrong way is because we believe that we are the sole rulers of the world and we don’t properly share the world with the other habitants. Everyone, as long as this story has been going, has been following this story without question even though it’s going to back fire. Basically that our society will crash if we keep conforming to this story. This book says we’ll use up all our resources. Only recently in real have people really been caring about our environment and mostly because people of power have finally stepped up and spoken about it. Before, nobody really cared and there are still many people that don’t because of people thinking it’s cool to not care. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald there’s a lot of conformity, trying to fit in with the likes of the “old money”. But while conformity is beneficial in some social situations like that, Gatsby was lying about how he got his money in order to fit in and that put him in a bad situation that ended badly. Nick Caraway conformed and sacrificed his freedom of speech for his peers but it didn’t really help anyone prosper. Ishmael says that Mother Culture is the one that has us captured into a natural instinct to conform and in order to escape the capture is to recognize we are being held. Conformity is something we all do but it isn’t something we ought to do in sake of humanity and we have to recognize that we are conforming and try to break out of the

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