Society In The Outsiders And On The Road

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In many books, movies, and even on the news people rebel against society. They believe it is an awful idea, and they want to change that. However, is it really that bad? Society has a positive effect on many different people, including individuals in The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton; “On the Road,” by CBS; and “The World is Not a Pleasant Place to Be,” by Nikki Giovanni.
In the video, “On the Road,” by CBS, a group of football players wanted to show their appreciation for a disabled teammate. By doing this, they changed many people’s lives. For example, Keith Orr, the disabled teammate, had the time of his life scoring his first touchdown. “Awesome," (On the Road)! Keith was overjoyed when he scored. The community had come together to show that
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The characters live in a harsh and unfair city. People that live in the poor side of town get treated much worse than people that live in the rich side of town. However, despite this fact, society has a positive impact on the main character many times throughout the book. Firstly, Ponyboy, the main character, decided that he should try to help all the people that lived at the bottom of their society. He chose to write about his experiences in the lower class area. Ponyboy doesn't want every person that's thrown at the bottom just because of where they live to have to suffer like he did. The way his society functions drove him to do a good deed for all the lower class people in other cities. Another example is when Ponyboy said, "I was real proud of both of them. Dally had been one of our gang and we wouldn't desert him,"(168). Ponyboy is proud of his brothers' probity. He and his brothers are sticking up for part of their society, which positively impacted Ponyboy. Lastly, the people in Ponyboy’s group saved him from the Socs. His society protected and helped him, like a family. If anyone is in trouble or needs any help, the group goes and helps them. All the people in Ponyboy's gang stick up for each other and care about each other. Ponyboy has grown up in a caring community, which has affected his entire life. Undoubtedly, society plays a big role in this story. The effect it has on Ponyboy is positive, and he changes by the end of the story in a positive

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