The Self Assessment : An Effective Tool Inside My Personality

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Personality traits play an important part of organizational behavior and it is important to understand how to use those traits to your advantage. Project 2 uses a series of assessments to help identify different personality traits. It also uses the assessments to show how those traits are used when working with others and within an organization. Additionally, the project takes a deeper look at how understanding these assessments can turn an individual into a more productive employee. Finally, the project discussed how the Holy Spirit plays a part in the overall individual.

Project 2 Project 2 required me to take a series of tests using Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment Online Library (SAL). The self-assessment was an effective tool inside my personality as well as how I interact with others and how I view my particular organization. The self-assessment was broken up into three parts. Part 1 included sections involving my personality, values and attitudes, motivations, and decision making. Part 2 focused on communication skills, leadership and team skills, and power and conflict skills. Part 3 analyzed my organizational structure, career, and stress level. Finally, Project 2 required that I analyze how these traits show up in my every-day life as well as how the Holy Spirit has worked to transform my weaknesses into strengths.
Step 1 Step 1 of the process involved taking multiple tests, answering questions about myself, my ability to work with others, and my life in an…

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