The Secret Of Pepsi 's Success Essay

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In 1893, Caleb Bradham who is a pharmacist wanted to create a fountain drink that was appealing and would aid in digestion and boost energy. He mixed water, sugar, vanilla, oil and pepsin (an enzyme that helps digestion), and then named it Pepsi-Cola. In 1902, Caleb created the Pepsi Company. Today, Pepsi is a worldwide reputation in the United States of America, and its annual sales in the world has reached 270 billion dollars. Indra Nooyi is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo. In its global food and beverage portfolio, PepsiCo has 22 brands that generate more than $1 billion each in annual retail sales. PepsiCo 's success, similar as all the successful enterprises, attributed to the visionary leadership, innovative business strategy, strict management and new production. But one of the most important in the secret of Pepsi 's success is that it gives the culture and spirit of enterprise. (Wikipedia, 2015)
The value in PepsiCo is that “We believe that business and society can thrive together. We are guided by Performance with Purpose: delivering top-tier results in a way that sustains and respects business, society and the planet.”( In this case, PepsiCo propose sustainable growth is the ultimate power and measure of Pepsi 's success. In the pursuit of sustainable growth, they encourage innovation, pay attention to effectiveness, and understand today 's behavior whether influence the…

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