How Pepsi Is Affecting America

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Now a days we keep our shelfs entertained by many different things. Telephones and video games mainly keep teenagers distracted from the real world. However, it was not always like this. All the technology our society has right now was not always here. Back then , people would buy news papers and they would be entertained by the humorous cartoons in the back section. All my satire examples share a common idea of causes affecting America.

This image reveals the logo of Pepsi. Besides it it shows how the illustrator manipulated this image by adding a head at the top of the Pepsi logo and small arms. Therefore, it's trying to make the viewers understand Pepsi will cause you to be overweight. This picture has some irony because the figure on the Pepsi logo is holding a Pepsi in his hand. The irony continues when you observe closely and noticed that he is so full of the Pepsi that it's dripping from the side of his mouth. However he can't let it go because how delicious it is. Obesity is one of the major problems America faces do too fast foods and beverages with saturated sugar. This image
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This image contains a table full of people and in the middle of the table there's a blueberry pie. The pie symbolizes the “US Wealth” well in the table there's three main people symbolize as, “the rich”, the “middle-class” and the “poor”. They each have a plate in front of them. The poor have three blueberries the middle-class have a small amount but much more than the poor. However “the rich” have the whole pie to themselves. This image replaces the system of the US economy when it comes to America. The rich get to enjoy most of it when others have nothing for themselves. The illustrator wants us to notice and observed that the rich have coffee as a beverage the middle class milk and the poor have water. The universal message of this would be if if they share the US wealth their would be no such thing as, the “poor”

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