The Scarlet Letter Socratic Seminar Questions Essay

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Question 1: How does the novel reflect Puritan society? English Protestants created a large group of people in the 16th and 17th centuries called the Puritans. These people advocated strict religious discipline along with a strong beliefs and worshipping. The Scarlet Letter reflected on Puritan Society in several ways, from religion to discipline and punishment. Religion seemed to control everyone, the reverend was the person that everyone looked up to, and the community, as a whole, believed in fate and destiny. Puritan relationships were very restricted, therefore making adultery a terrible sin in the eyes of the community. In the 17th century, Boston was extremely strict and the laws were strongly enforced, making Hester’s sin a great …show more content…
Sometimes this narrator seems to adopt an opinion that they must repent for and atone for what they have done. At other times, the narrator seems to adopt the opinion that Dimmesdale’s and Hester’s actions are understandable given the circumstances, and that love such as theirs represents something truly sacred. Where does the narrator stand, or is he of two minds? Where do you stand on the issue? I believe that the narrator in the Scarlet Letter has two different opinions. I am led to believe this due to the fact that the narrator is trying to sympathize with Hester because the narrator most likely feels sorry for her and can’t do anything about it. I feel sorry for Hester as well because she was doing what she thought was right, but due to the society she lives in, she isn’t able to follow her heart. At the same time, the narrator probably has a strong personal opinion and realizes that what Hester did was wrong and she should face her consequences. I also agree with that because she knew that she was a married woman and if you are committed in a marriage you should stay loyal, especially if you live in a strict Puritan society.
Question 5: Human nature is to love more readily than to hate: Thoughts? After reading the quote mentioned, I noticed something very quickly. That would be that it really depends on the human. Everybody is different, and in many cases that quote is incorrect. For

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