Julius Caesar Feminist Analysis

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Julius Caesar is a play about ancient rome and the downfall of the roman empire. But it is also about men and their actions, culture, and relationships with people around them and their power over people. In Rome it is predominatantly a male world, and the women are looked down upon, because they're seen as less valuable. Throughout the play woman are shown as everything that Roman men aren’t supposed to or want to be. In Julius Ceasser women have a unique kind of gift that is seen as incorrect or stupid. By disregarding women's ideas and opinions due to their societal roles, the plays male characters fail to overlook gender norms resulting in an unwanted path of destruction for Rome.
In Julius Caesar, the male characters show not only fearlessness
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Themales in the play, while they are viewed as very powerful and good listeners, they will not accept their fate told by women, because they are seen as inferior. This is shown when Caesar will not accept when Calpurnia warned him about his death and/or murder. Calpurnia and Portia are both able to see what the dangers are ahead, but because male characters view women as unneeded and are undermined they disregarde their comments. Calpurnia has a dream of seeing Caesar's statue gush with blood, and the Romans rubbing their hands in his blood with a joyous look on their faces. Decius (Caesars Messenger) disbelieves her dream, but Calpurnia understands that her dream is the truth and something bad will come to Caesar. As in Calpurnia's dream, the three yells of “Help, Ho! They murder Caesar!” show that if Caesar had listened to Calpurnia and her dream the he would've stayed alive. This is also similar to before Brutus’s death, Portis makes a statement of som ekid of danger at the capital. Brutus also chooses to ignore this just as Ceaser ignorerd Calpurnia. Later, when she senses that the “sea is changing” , she makes the decision to kill herself. Her suicide is yet another crazy occurrence that Brutus chooses to

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