Combat Roles In The Military

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Women have been treated differently from men for centuries and that is yet to completely change. Women have the same rights as men, but are not allowed to fully use them. As times changed, women have been trying to express their rights in many ways, which had led to a few women into joining the military. Even though there are women in the military, they are not able to perform combat roles. Women were unable to perform combat roles in the military because of sexism and lack of respect. The main issue that restricted women from combat, besides the sexism and lack of respect, was that people did not believe that women could handle the pressure. People believed that if a woman was under too much pressure, then she was more likely to mess up and …show more content…
In order to be a soldier, you need to be courageous when performing combat roles and women in the military already are showing courage. By being part of the military, women prove that they can handle the pressure it takes to be a part of the military. Each time a woman joins the military, they prove that they are brave enough to perform combat roles. Women are standing up for what they believe while facing an enemy they cannot harm, society which means they know what to do in a complicated situation. Women are bold enough to fight like men can, so why are they not allowed to? Women have the same right as any male soldier does to prove their strength on the battlefield, but they cannot because they are seen as cowards. Women are able to cope under pressure in a way a man could not and that reason signifies that a woman should be able to perform combat roles. Women have what it takes to be the best combat soldier there could ever be. If women had only been given the chance to prove themselves like the male soldiers had, there might have been more women who had wanted to perform combat roles in the military as of today. Women need more chances to prove that they can be as brave as any man. Women have what it takes to be a brave soldier, but continue to be prevented from doing so because people would rather discourage a woman instead of encouraging her. Moreover, women are not just brave, but reliable which is why women should be able to perform combat roles in the

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