The Role Of Wom ( Word Of Mouth ) Marketing Essay

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The Role of WOM (Word of Mouth) Marketing
4.4.1 The analysis of the results of WOM Figure 4.6 what kind of account like to follow on social media

According to the research of Chinese like to follow what kind of account on social media (Fig 4.6), nearly 70% of the respondents are interested in We media like movie critic etc, which option ‘5’ (‘very probably’) accounted for 46.36%. The proportion of ‘actor or actress’ is the second highest, which accounted for 53.67% in total. On the contrary, there is approximately half of the sample not so fond of movie’s official account (24.39% of ‘1’; 23.75% of ‘2’).

1 2 3 4 5
Actor, Actress or Director 9.76% 2.44% 23.17% 26.82% 38.81%
Content or movie type 7.32% 4.88% 6.10% 29.27% 52.43%
Word of mouth or Popularity 7.32% 7.32% 19.51% 25.61% 40.24%
Movie ticket sales promotion and other activities 24.39% 37.80% 15.85% 9.76% 12.20%
Table 4.7 the degree of being attracted to see a movie

And as shown in Table 4.7, except for ‘the Content or Movie type’, the proportion of the account of ‘Word of Mouth or Popularity’ and ‘Actor, Actress or Director’ attracted the respondents are highest in both option ‘4’ (‘Probably’) and ‘5’ (‘Very Probably’), respectively takes up 66%, which affects people go into the cinema to a great degree.

Figure 4.8 whether the feed of movies posted by the We-Media will affect people go to the cinema to watch

Furthermore, in the investigation of whether people will affect by some We media’ s feed posted on…

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