Community College Student Motivation

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The Student Motivation Organization is an organization that focuses on helping community college students that tend to lack motivation throughout their college life. The organization will be organized and fully funded by having fundraisers that the students put together. Community College Student Success: The Role of Motivation and Self-Empowerment researchers Martin, Kimberly, Richard Galentino, and Lori Townsend stated that, “Although much of the community college student population is academically underprepared, what matters is how students manage and overcome academic difficulties. Successful students are empowered to do things for themselves. They seek academic and other support services when needed but first, try to solve problems on their own.” (Martin et al.). The organization can be established in colleges whose main goal is to help students retain high levels of motivation and energy so students have the support they need to remain in school and succeed in their classes.
Community Service
One factor that increases the motivation of students and the chances of being more successful is participating in class, interacting with their classmates and involving themselves in
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College students’ are more likely to succeed in their academic and non-academic activities as motivation helps students feel relieved from the fear and anxiety that naturally rises with the new challenges college brings to their lives. It is important that the organization meets the needs of the students that lack motivation so they will feel more encouraged during their college life. Knowing the importance of motivation is the first step for students to start making a change in their life with the help of professors, family and

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