My Educational Autobiography: My Philosophy Of Education

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Educational Autobiography Have you ever wondered where you would be today if you did not have the education you’ve had along the way? Throughout my years my motivation has stemmed from not only my parents, family and my teachers but it has come from within myself too. I strongly believe that praise and reward can help a student who is struggling or help them with their weaknesses.
Carol Dweck in “Brainology” states that a growth mindset person has better odds of becoming who they want to be in life and that their intelligence will take them far (Dweck 1). I agree and it is also the reason I have changed my mindset. Setbacks are a way of telling yourself to try harder next time and I took that as a challenge for myself. My parents taught
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This used to be my mindset until I had an agriculture teacher in high school who changed that all around, she taught me to be more involved and to be responsible such as showing a lamb at the fair. They include that praising a child can have a negative effect on them and that complimenting them would make them afraid of failure although I do not see it this way. Within my educational experience nothing helped me more than to be praised and to be told I was doing a good job. I believe that these rewards could really help with troubled …show more content…
My parents and teachers always taught me that education is key and that I never had to prove to anyone but myself how intelligent I am. When I was in my senior year of high school I did not care what people thought of me and my intelligence and I had learned that no one could degrade me. “Brainology” claims that our brains are constantly learning new things weather we are aware or not and this is true anyone is able to change their mindset if they have the motivation to get them there weather it is through family or teachers (Dweck 1). I was blind to the fact that in middle school I could have been a straight A student because I only cared what people thought of

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