Essay about The Role Of Peer Pressure On Teens And Decision Making

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They can motivate us in our dreams, they can be the people go to when we need company or the people to just be there. A lot of us have a need to always do what other people do, we tend to get the latest technology because we see other people around us with it and we want to fit in. We can also want to fit in with the people around so we do similar acts to accomplish to fit in. For example teens experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Peer pressure and wanting to fit in with their peers makes some want to do things that are not always good but it can also be a good thing it just all depends on the people around you. According to Dr. B.J. Casey Teens are more likely to act differently when they are have a friend around vs when they do not have a friend around (Peer Pressure: Its influence on teens and decision making). What I 'm trying to say here is that people are more likely to change their behavior depending on the people around them. Way more than violent video games. At young age we all our influenced my our parents/guardians, we look up to them and basically almost everything we have learned is from our parents/guardians. Until we reach the age where we get to go to school where teachers and classmates have a big impact on influencing us. According to “Adolescence and the influence of parents” children up to the ages of up to 8-9 love and look up to their parents/guardians, their children basically worships them. So by the time the child reaches adolescence, so the age of…

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