The Role Of Career Counseling And Career Planning Research Essay

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One major shortcoming in Sirbu et al.’s (2014) study was the lack of follow-up data collection. Since that is a common limitation in career planning research, Perdrix, Stauffer, Masdonati, Massoudi and Rossier (2012), quantitatively examined how the positive effects of career counseling were maintained by participants. In addition, they utilized qualitative methods to determine whether or not participants implemented their previous career projects (Perdrix, Stauffer, Masdonati, Massoudi, & Rossier, 2012).
The authors recruited 199 French-speaking participants for this study (Perdrix, et al., 2012). Nearly 70% of the sample consisted of students, i.e., middle school (at the end of mandatory education), high school, or university, and the rest were adults (Perdrix, et al., 2012). In addition, all participants sought career counseling services voluntarily (Perdrix, et al., 2012). While there were originally 199 participants, there were only 84 who completed all pre and post measures (Perdrix, et al., 2012). Quantitative data was collected using two measures. First was the Career decision difficulties questionnaire (CDDQ). The CDDQ is base off of theory and used to detect difficulties throughout the decision-making process and observe how the difficulties change over time (Perdrix, et al., 2012). Second was the Satisfaction with life scale (SWL). The SWL was selected as a means to assess participants’ overall well being (Perdrix, et al., 2012). Qualitative data was…

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