Discover Careers That Fit You Career Analysis

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I will be assessing the “Discover Careers that Fit You” inventory found at and the career profile assessment at The purpose of taking these assessment was to look at your interests and identify careers that match your interests that you expressed in the inventory. The “Discover Careers That Fit You” inventory utilizes a career interest inventory that then is scored and creates your Holland Code. This code is then used to identify three Holland Code Groups that you match. These groups have suggested career options that relate to your interests. The Career Profile has you select how …show more content…
This matches the social, conventional, and realistic groups. Some careers that stood out to me from these groups were athletic trainer, counselor, dental hygienist, teacher, social workers, physical therapist, and health administrator. The Career Profile scores were high for social, enterprising, and artistic interest. The suggested careers obtained from this inventory were health care social workers, school counselor, mental health counselor, speech-language pathologist, and and occupational therapist. If I were to select three careers that the inventory suggested I would select school counselor, athletic trainer, and occupational therapist. My highest score on both inventories was in social interest. The results make sense to in terms of the careers suggested for this field but personally I do not see myself as a very socially oriented person. I actually have social anxiety and feel that this at times limits me in my ability to socially involved in many situations. It never occurred to me that the careers that best fit me are so closely related to something that is so difficult and anxiety provoking for

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