Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Physician Assistant

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Physician Assistants play an important role in treating disease. On November 22, 2016 at Schneck Medical Center, I interviewed Bridget McGrath. Bridget works as a Physician Assistant at the hospital in the hospice area. Bridget obtained her Masters of Physician Assistant in May 2012 from Butler University. Bridget informed me about the roles, advantages, disadvantages, and problems with being a physician assistant.
Bridget first talked about her role in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Working at a hospital, it is very important for her to think about the safety of other patients and herself. She commented that she washes her hands when entering and leaving every patient’s room in order to prevent the spread of disease. She works
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Bridget said that physician assistants must be thoughtful, quick on their feet, organized, and have a big heart. Physician assistants are always working while on call and must be ready to help a patient at any time when working in a hospital setting. Bridget said it is important to keep your demeanor. Often patient’s may come in with a minor flu or having just come out of major surgery. She said physician assistants must be ready to deal with all situations and keep a positive demeanor. Bridget’s advice for current students is to never give up. Although the education and schooling may get tough, the student must always remember why they want to become a physician assistant and keep in mind how rewarding the job …show more content…
I have shadowed Bridget multiple times at my local hospital. Before the interview, I emailed Bridget to set up a time and place for the interview. I then came up with ten questions to ask during the interview. Overall, I think this profession would be suitable for me. I would enjoy being able to perform the same tasks as a physician without going to school for as many years. I would also enjoy being able to become close to each patient and know them on a personal level instead of as a patient. I would however, have the same difficulty that Bridget did when first starting out. I often get sick when talking about certain conditions with patients. To overcome this problem, I will go into patients’ rooms and talk to them about their personal lives instead of how they are feeling. Eventually I will feel more comfortable talking to patients and be able to talk to them about their conditions. Overall, I think this assignment is a good learning experience. I was able to talk to an actual physician assistant about their job and their everyday tasks. It was helpful to see Bridget talk about both the good and the bad in the profession. Physician assistants have a very difficult job but overall it is a very rewarding

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