The Killer Robot Case Study

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The case study is about “The killer Robot”. Randey Samuels as a programmer at the Silicon Techtronic's Inc. He wrote the faulty code was indicted for manslaughter. And, the silicon techchronics is Randy’s employer.
The robot (Robbie CX30) has malfunctioned and crushed its operator to death while at work who is Bart Matthews as robot operator. The blood all over because of the decapitated head. Next, the num-lock key light not on and the key pad have a bloody.
By the case happen, McMurdock announce that they have he written formula was provided by the project physicit and the Samuels was supposed to program. But, Samuels was negligently misinterpreted the formula it causes the death case happening.
Besides that, the robot project had fallen
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The company and the worker need to know and respect existing laws pertaining to professional work. For example, Randey Samuels and the workers must obey existing local, state, province, national, and also international laws unless there is a compelling ethical basis not to do so. But, compliance must be balance with the recognition that existing laws and also the rules may be immoral or inappropriate. Violation of a law or regulation may be ethical when that law has inadequate moral basis or when it conflicts with another law judged to be more important. If Randey Samuels decides to violate a law, because it is viewed as unethical, one of the woker must fully accept responsibility for one's actions and for the …show more content…
This is not always easy. It’s because the average of the person working is exposed to more data in one day than a worker received in an entire lifetime a century ago. So, when a situation develops that is not routine, Randey Samuels might involve inappropriate shortcuts in find the formula to develop the robot. And, the Randey Samuels must know this ethic to prevent the case happening. He must require a lot of thought and planning to figure out a solution.
Fourthly, is application of ethical perspective or concepts. Randey Samuels and the workers must know and respect existing laws pertaining to professional work in all the time. They must balancing the recognition that existing laws. They also can’t make the rules may be immoral or inappropriate. It also will bring the many impact to the people as the case study above the robot kill the people.
The lastly ethic is evaluation of different ethical perspective or concepts. They should know how evaluations of computer systems and their impacts, including the analysis of possible risks. Randey Samuels and the workers must strive to be perceptive. They must know how to evaluating, recommending and also presenting system descriptions and alternatives about the computer system. They also must know how to identify any relevant conflicts or the problem that happening in the working

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